Sicily and style, the creations of Eugenio Vazzano at La Tenda

The creative at The Way Magazine: "I look around and find timeless beauties".

Sicily and its artifacts always reveal multisensory surprises, which multiply their evocative value a hundredfold just when they are far from Sicily. This is why the furniture corner dedicated to the artist is successful Eugenio Vazzano in Milan. After the renovations, the Milanese boutique The Tent in via Mario Pagano presents itself with a space dedicated to the home world which has inaugurated a first collaboration with Melilli Factory and its creator, Eugenio Vazzano.
"Le Cose di Eugenio Vazzano" is the title of a collection for the home characterized by the research of fabrics and craft techniques that distinguishes all his work.. The encounter between the wisdom of ancient Sicilian craftsmanship and the innovation of international taste, the preciousness of ancient fabrics and the originality of contemporary style. The sun, the black Etna, the green of the citrus fruits, the saline white, the beige tuffaceous stone contaminate the luxury garments in a delightful display in the window that adds Mediterranean simplicity and color to the boutique's elegant proposal. We have seen fabrics researched and constructed by Eugenio pursuing the philosophy of re-creative recovery, where even the smallest piece of fabric becomes indispensable for a new mosaic. Each fabric is dyed, crumpled, wrinkled, decorated by the creator and his staff of skilled seamstresses in the Melilli laboratory, so much so that the designer created the Melilli Factory, in the province of Syracuse., a cooperative collective that uses local labor and local knowledge to export Sicily and its art to the world.

"We are concentrating on the home sector after having made a foray into fashion", says Eguenio of these "pieces of art a porter" before leaving forTRANOÏ Paris where he will exhibit for the first time. "Creativity is the same, maybe here I put more energy and freedom because fashion is too ephemeral. I realized that I created timeless pieces and I didn't like them to expire, I don't make yogurt. What I have always imagined are decorative pieces that do not have time, which is why I am not a stylist but a craftsman. That said, the materials, the colors, the workmanship are always the same".  
Eugenio Vazzano with a guest at the inauguration of the corner that the La Tenda boutique has dedicated to him in Milan.

La Tenda ranges from traditional fabrics, such as fine silks, fine cotton, linen, precious velvets, gauzes to unusual fibers such as raw jute, oriental wool and jeans., to ceramics and home furnishing fabrics. Each fabric is dyed, crumpled, wrinkled, decorated by the creator and his staff of skilled seamstresses in the Melilli workshop.

Born in Melilli, in the province of Syracuse, in 1958, Eugenio Vazzano at the age of fourteen was already in the USA, where he worked in the most disparate places, to finance his artistic studies. Back in Italy and dedicated to fashion, he ended up returning to his places of origin and conceiving products strongly linked to the fragrances and flavors of the region.

"For now the whole collection is handmade - says the creative - they are all unique pieces, which draw inspiration
from the beautiful things that I see in my land. Of course, I try to update them, with colors, tapestries. I always try to devote myself to the three subjects in my figurative art: Etna in all its facets, the sun and the moon because the English tell us that we are in the island of the sun. And then there are the supply chains of prickly pears, which represent our nature and history as a Mediterranean island in the decorations". 

This month at LA TENDA Milano there is also one more reason to go shopping, and it is the result of the Dee di Vita project, a solidarity initiative born from the collaboration between the historic Azienda Mantero and the historic Milanese boutique. It is Vita, a special turban, created by Mantero, easy to wear thanks to the styling that allows you to tie it with a few gestures in a soft silk twill, which transforms it into a real caress. Watercolor roses blooming with skilful brush strokes were chosen by LA TENDA to create a limited series of turbans. Part of the proceeds from the sales of turbans - retail price 80 euros - will be donated to the Salute allo Specchio project.