Craftsman, stylist made in Sicily

Eugenio Vazzano does not define himself as a stylist, rather a craftsman, and his approach to fashion has something of a ... philosophical. Its brand? A sprawling sun, a sun that is renewed at every dawn and which contrasts the shadow and above all the sun of Sicily.

Eugenio Vazzanohe is first of all Sicilian and it is no coincidence that his clothes and all his textile production are labeled "Made in Sicily", not only because they are the synthesis between ancient Sicilian craftsmanship and international innovation, but also because - as Eugenio tells us - I live in a part of Sicily that is abandoned and angry and this is my way to bring forward the best of this land. "With the generic Made in Italy brand - he continues - the products are not identified, indicating Made in Sicily, instead, the attention of the people is captured and it is easier to remember our product". Eugenio was in New York to present his new collection at Takashimaya on Fifth Avenue and for two months his "Things" will have a particular window inside the store.

Our stylist-craftsman was born in Melilli, a town in the Ragusa area - "The last of seven children" - he tells us -. «Melilli is the last piece of true Sicily still left and for me he was the father to be denied before I could be loved. I grew up curious about time and space and at the age of fourteen I landed in the dream of the Italians: the United States. Here I studied art and to support myself I did a bit of everything. I worked in the tobacco plantations, I was a fishmonger, a greengrocer.

Then I went to study in Florence, at the American Academy of Art and I started working in a prestigious boutique in the city. After a short time, I became the manager of a new shop. Despite my position, I still do not feel satisfied and I decide to travel and after Paris, Milan, Miami, I discover my true passion in Taormina: I recover the pieces of fabric from a sample book and begin to assemble them following my visions.

It's a kind of revelation and I decide it's time to try to go back to Melilli and bring here everything I've seen and learned. Now I live and work in Melilli. I realized my dream. Claiming my roots, doing something for my country, giving jobs to my people. Who will be more and more happy to help create something special and to sign it with a unique label: "Eugenio Vazzano. Made in Sicily" ».

Eugenio founded his company in 1992 and has eleven employees, he has also been on the New York market for three years and his main contact is Takashimaya. Eugenio Vazzano's collections tell about Sicily through unique pieces suitable for any occasion. The fabrics used in the creations are researched and built personally by him pursuing the philosophy of "re-creative" recovery, according to which the smallest piece of fabric becomes indispensable for a new mosaic.
The idea of recovery is substantial in the Sicilian tradition, an example are "the frazzate ericine", pieces of fabric worked with the patchwork technique that were given as a dowry to the nubende to protect the mattresses, now witty carpets. «I have always seen my mother sew - she explains - who was a seamstress, and she was looking for the right pieces for the patches, she recycled them.
I am fond of this concept and have transferred it to my collections ». The colors "borrowed" from nature and Sicilian culture are also singular: Etna black, widow mourning black, citrus green, saline white, tufaceous stone beige, tomato "abstract" red, Megara Ibla blue.